This version has only one fix for "checksum mismatch" error on recent PCs. It seems that memory barrier was not enough for recent high-end CPUs, because my using compiler is too old. I added "volatile" keyword and "_mm_sfence" (SSE intrinsic) manually. Though I hope this will fix the problem, it's not tested by many users yet.

I appreciate "Slava46" testing my trial and error many times for this version. I may miss something still, or there may be another wrong point in my code. Because I cannot check error on my PC, users's aid is required. When a user see "checksum mismatch" error or odd problem on his PC, please report the bug. I will try to solve as possible as I can.

[ Changes from to ]

update: Inno Setup was updated from v5.5.9 to v5.6.1.

PAR2 client update
Bug fix: Memory barrier was not enough for recent high-end CPUs.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 0619D9CAFBC15BD69ED5F7B2FD7C2A9A
SHA-1 : B5B918F4AA77DE4A33F889C6834C29880322DA7D

MD5 : 909CA8B20195748B93787CC7D4DC959B
SHA-1 : 59E477753F92E066277A02B47DC57CCD3E2F3CC0

[ Hash value of other source code packages ]

MD5: 589EA4002AE731EC97ECC2466E638A73
SHA1: 7C8369958A0D6CA1A4ED9B2411CE573570EFB50A

changelog 1.3.0

[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: The last year on About window is set by EXE file's date.
Change: Un-checking "Split Files" doesn't update size of recovery files.
Change: A user may return to Create window, when creation was failed.
Improvement: Checking "Split Files" set "Limit Size" for recovery files.

PAR2 client update
Change: Each sizing scheme limits size of recovery files.
New: It's possible to set number of recovered files at creation.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : E12C9D9D34BFD500E6369B9BE8F91354
SHA-1 : 783ED1B37E26D29A778B4E3ACCCFF9E45BDB8B32

MD5 : 72B75A4706ED79E7D0D471505346AD8C
SHA-1 : 10ABEBE4539C1E7404357A15CD3B5C371955C5C3

[ Hash value of other source code packages ]
MD5: C8C984927111CBB72D0E328F95598167
SHA1: A7C2CB59DB85DBB5934D60B385D6B6CB27D5B5B8

MD5: 8B2CC596D2D56A7A49C324F9E5767812
SHA1: AB2B88E24B09E3FEE098160957A1659B5B903FB2

MD5: 36A93A84E2ADED5850ECAACC6A2A8862
SHA1: CC3E323CF887BD4FA4C36F5F8C69A21C19ED1F0F

changelog 1.2.9

[ Changes from to ]

PAR2 client update
Bug fix: A rare failure in finding complete slices was fixed.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 6E140B35C47F4CCD623EA38EBB51B411
SHA-1 : CD0BDA1FA5AEE10DF1471FA378784B156040BA57

MD5 : C4EA1C0CDEC39E27D9C2FA71BB05020D
SHA-1 : 4173F6909FFC6F16EC937BCC2EA154879530E597


[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: Shell Extension DLL won't fail in attempting to delete an absent entry.
Change: It checks 7-Zip registry entry in both HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

PAR2 client update
Change: Creation erases a previous verification result of same Set ID.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 6881944446FB774FF3D4012E1B2ED157
SHA-1 : 9513D6EC1CFAC25370446A45A76AD10C66EEF0A8

MD5 : 05C0EA21662867A6E9370905946D78D2
SHA-1 : 939824B154C0058C66E086ED264805DE78C8B484

[ Hash value of other source code packages ]

MD5: 9E6DABC7B25559B1FD44D5F2528619B9
SHA1: 3EF372888DF87016ADB4DA73D0C5886893FED9BC

MD5: BE0F04DF1A6B936F23F6F01930562248
SHA1: 52818266B45ECE135EECFF12D8DA2640A6AD5075

[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Bug fix: Failure of command selection in Shell Extension was fixed.
Bug fix: Batch processing will start, only when all source files are complete.
Change: Checksum of each UI resource DLL is checked before loading.
New: Shell Extension has a new item for archiver.
New: It's possible to extract an archive after verification or repair.

PAR2 client update
Change: It checks risk of over-writing source files before file spliting.
Change: It finds non-compressed tiny files included in ZIP / 7-Zip archive.
Change: Progress % would move smoothly at checksum calculation.
Change: Typical PAR2 filename are searched at first in verification.
New: It's possible to append recovery data to ZIP / 7-Zip archive.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : F506806EBA7A000E862E93CFECD81328
SHA-1 : 9FF71686292867F0E47A5A4FD88E9167AE5FF499

MD5 : D39B214C12B5C30702CFB7EFABE6B37A
SHA-1 : EB0A937DCEDA2DDD561F6326EE2D02B764EB4EC2

[ Hash value of other source code packages ]

MD5: 62E1EE55FF5D6B7B7FE5519E7C1E16AC
SHA1: 491181EB16A0E04F67D878A3B607C945B7934D16

MD5: 7EFA7E94D6EE212A8D7042459FB26CD4
SHA1: B4192D55FABE701127C7A6235C1E06232FEBC507

MD5: C4AC5ADC630018F991ED4C5560B3A5F2
SHA1: FFB562ED98899E986E1D809F15175FF6AC42A65E

MD5: E450BF971D1C60C003D40B2CB6DAA6FD
SHA1: 98E3ACA265C66BE60DD5D213859444B2674D592C

[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Bug fix: A failure at reading many filenames with multi-bytes characters was fixed.

Client update
Change: If PAR2 client failed to replace a damaged file, it doesn't delete recovered file.
Change: PAR1 client doesn't stop by error, when it failed to correct misnamed files.
Bug fix: A bug of selecting wrong GPU encoder in rare case was fixed.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 16F111B026806FBE6D3EFCD8B61FEC7F
SHA-1 : 5460701341715F13A09E5E889982BA7838EAB143

MD5 : 44712E3637A5F42B78F2919172BDEFFF
SHA-1 : EA17BFCB7C330AEB12B9BE89095593AD71A86E3C

[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
New: PE checksum is checked before using .EXE or .DLL files.

Client update
Change: MD5 of padding bytes is calculated by an independent function.
New: Both PE checksum and CRC-32 are checked at self-test.
New: GPU is available for JIT(SSE2) encoder.
Bug fix: A bug of selecting slow encoder on early Intel i5/i7 CPU was fixed.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : E42DD66FF12D7EB6D84BD57F053788B3
SHA-1 : 9957EDDCEFAE1D3A7C664868B82AB9D601202332

MD5 : 1D465B2DC214075853D80B18620C20E9
SHA-1 : A89F70E6CEE13DA1F2E975BE96A40B25F1A88A79

[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: Options for hardware environment are put in independent section.
Change: Some options are put in different sections from previous version.
New: It's possible to change background style of text over progress-bar.

Client update
New: PAR2 encoder supports AVX2 on recent CPU.

Note: MultiPar
I forgot to add DLL files (par2j_extra.dll and par2j64_extra.dll) in the file-list of the installer package. I made a new installer package for users who have a recent PC with AVX2 support.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 44EB2F5ABAD45DA6C6E49218419A4E47
SHA-1 : 3D59FE99D1EA7590C9890707D59775C0D4B30C96

MD5 : 86D116AB1E3E940A365196E7FFDE7118
SHA-1 : 8073420EFE2CEC0157CF8F6D2CBE063EFC9DF8B7

MD5 : 91A9AD12CF97F9726E00458BEE79DB07
SHA-1 : 3CA38D852A1637A918F33DF6D6096BF96734B543

[ Changes from to ]

Installer update
Update: Inno Setup was updated from v5.5.6 to v5.5.9.

GUI update
Change: Command-line option can set base-directory for verification.
Change: Shell Extension won't add sub-menus, when there isn't enough space.
Bug fix: A failure of parsing verified block count in very big files was fixed.

PAR2 client
Change: For creation, /rr option accepts a value with decimal point.
New: JIT SSE2 encoder is included for old CPU.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 6A1C15956351D4EC9A0C0B27FBABCC75
SHA-1 : 011069DAF0CA28FF4040956F8F33526F9058744F

MD5 : 44AA739552205C1D9A455004BC6AD8C9
SHA-1 : 3FDDD0883B1D29D8DA546DF9F5A34059F07BC2E3

[ Changes from to ]

PAR2 client
Change: Environment text of "CPU Core" was changed to "CPU thread".
Bug fix: Memory lack problem on old GPU was fixed.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 07CCB853B1303724AA61DFCE3FB61E94
SHA-1 : 754892445A974715DEE10B87489AD225D28E7819

MD5 : E7514769B4E3AB9227A27F99B2A75C97
SHA-1 : A248E621CAF6DE2460EBADB5FF6E8178437A820C

[ Changes from to ]

PAR2 client
Change: It sets more efficient limit size for cache blocking.
Change: Max number of threads was increased from 6 to 18.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : CFD1A4749F103A3013D9FF9C706C8E48
SHA-1 : 4D116AEAB85378A83A5D3202A5DAEBA6AC1A5C8A

MD5 : 0FFCA5796CDD2F51298697472CBA68A2
SHA-1 : 80166D87EE4EBAFF8D7AD026D0D4B7D2A1B00E11

[ Changes from to ]

PAR2 client
Change: OpenCL device is written on log, when GPU was used.
Bug fix: Failure in recovering with GPU & less CPU Cores was fixed.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 2EF4302075917FB9A8F1D1871B9BB0AF
SHA-1 : 07607D055E4D9D10BF9C3914EB54674CE61816C5

MD5 : B40EEE701EA12180CDE72DC7E20DAC6D
SHA-1 : D62D7A9E59D25A5EA8DAB4A7C3F770916F3ADA6B

changelog 1.2.8

[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: Media size was changed for recent disk format.
Change: Red shadow over progress bar became slightly dark.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 12456A0ABD456CC1D9348F7A9F5E4C5D
SHA-1 : 4BA5F5ACA8EBE531702FBCB31EAF3276586FB043

MD5 : EF666BC00D7BD962DD18104E0F2CCA9F
SHA-1 : 70CA32CFCB19FCC9230646F6FD524CEEB4E703C1


[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Bug fix: GPU acceleration can be active at recovery.

PAR2 client
Improvement: Encoder & decoder became faster, when SSSE3 is available.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : E915FD3C2A9CF15F925B4C1C72C933FC
SHA-1 : 36E15796A5A9A03009667BEBDC8F81F941BC3D3F

MD5 : C088423C424D68D52B066D4ABBBECA59
SHA-1 : F9BECD35B97B5C5AD613CF9CBA19E60AF69F83CC

[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: Outer shadow of text over progress-bar became slightly dark.
New: An option was added to disable recursive search.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 7CC44BA7D6084488CFD2A99D248691F6
SHA-1 : 5093D8733D846246845E4D874FCF6829B2ECD852

MD5 : 8DA44A10BAB4D923ADFC597DA679C89E
SHA-1 : 6D5620ACFF3688A19F242BE0A538D70F5337953D

[ Changes from to ]

Installer update
Update: Inno Setup was updated from v5.5.5 to v5.5.6.

GUI update
New: Damage of recovery files is warned, when source files are complete.

Client update
New: New Exit Code was added to report damage of recovery files.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : C851A4300FD004BDE65FAAA265C7FE34
SHA-1 : A7F6935646B82AF1849884C6A0AF236CD9701343

MD5 : 2D71891E8986A4A316E87057BEA30E76
SHA-1 : 9C0B7D299175281E4A957DB9999E6B770FA7825B

[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: PC won't enter Sleep (Suspend) mode, while processing task.
Bug fix: Failure at treating network path was fixed.

PAR2 client
New: It is possible to use GPU at recovering big files.
Bug fix: Failure in GPU version at a few blocks was fixed.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 4164FDD3EE4A66AC059E3603D582F9AF
SHA-1 : 14EDF568A8DFD9B0555C07CCC0BFAF544D069135

MD5 : 6D82246C33DBF415C2238D63F0378384
SHA-1 : C8B58DA781A79CAF693F69557E557FB45BF10774

[ Changes from to ]

PAR2 client
Change: Progress percent is updated smoothly when using GPU.
Change: Non-fragmented file IO method is added for GPU.

Bug fix: Crash at finishing sub-threads were fixed.
Bug fix: Integer overflow at multiplication in 64-bit version was fixed.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 5ED77B00EA3763664BB1153DF9EE341F
SHA-1 : 81063E22C1EE07D95E5AD86EE045372ED3E7B0E8

MD5 : 69172409C93BF15256076925E7BC7E5C
SHA-1 : 90A25DCD27A2DD3A99AF038FFE1F143EF53E8FA8

[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: GPU option was simplified.
Change: 64-bit version of par2j is called on 64-bit OS.

PAR2 client
Improvement: GPU version may run a little faster.
Improvement: GPU option won't cause slow down, even when there is no available GPU.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : DBC319B2E04368F0AE29270527ED8854
SHA-1 : 3591F18839FA14F365518B9625134D44DF533F16

MD5 : 2DFC578DC953FF1805E8DA01F4273416
SHA-1 : FBFAD1A51C88C405270D1E183E2FA76C2D3D0B65

[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: Background of text over progress-bar was changed.
New: An option for GPU was added.

PAR2 client
Bug fix: Wrong status of damaged files with sub-directory was fixed.
New: It is possible to use GPU at creating big PAR2 files.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 660B2943C3F6B2194EB71A8C1F9ED309
SHA-1 : 65363F38F17DC4C5D3AD14FF2C52EE842F96D137

MD5 : A2510D67101DBA599DE5622289F90C1D
SHA-1 : 0A5F9F3C8F7466A759F6F7D6D7A86CF583285093

changelog 1.2.7

This is the last release of version 1.2.7 tree. There was no big change, but GUI looks nice at high DPI. Because I added many icons, the application size was increased. If someone has been using Shell Extension at old version, he should un-check "Integrate MultiPar into Shell" option and close Windows Explorer before installing new version.

[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: Some small size icons were added.
Bug fix: Failure of resizing progress-bar was fixed.
Improvement: High DPI is supported.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : DEB62DC6B858859A4BD6A4ECE3E684D3
SHA-1 : 3F3DC48F4F66C609F8B2A4353F00291A3427FECC

MD5 : A801AAB1F7278387BC56D12778894DB0
SHA-1 : E597A60027CF759E2EC37D6771E68F337400C1F5

[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: Text over progress-bar became easy to read.
Change: It is possible to set CPU usage rate on Option window.

PAR2 client update
Change: Options for number of using threads was changed.
Change: "Additional verification" searches all PAR2 files.
Change: SSE2 is required always.
Change: CRC-32 calculation became faster on recent PC.
Improvement: Verification of complete source files became faster.
Improvement: Verification of repaired files may become faster.

PAR1/PAR2 client update
New: It may detect calculation error by something hardware failure.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 367F35CDAB731EF31BD80169139247EB
SHA-1 : 0111FA3C59E6D0D679D977B82219458320D1A0FC

MD5 : 77B7A29AF4396F13B348C79AC2F940D9
SHA-1 : 6F78CB68BB67EC1D1391D4394993EEDFF15ADB65

[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: Shadow of text over progress-bar became a little dark.
Change: Caption of Rename is used, when there are misnamed files only.
Change: Language setting may change language of buttons on message-box.
Bug fix: It avoids annoying Z-Order bug of Windows 7 which puts new window behind.
Improvement: Message-box will pop-up over the center of parent window.
Improvement: Exit button will close MultiPar without warning, even when it's running.
New: It's possible to set redundancy, even when there is only 1 source block.

Client update
Change: Logical cores on a shared physical core are counted as half number.
Bug fix: Failure of detecting CPU information on old OS may be fixed.
New: It's possible to create recovery blocks, when there is only 1 source block.
New: New options were added to exclude files from creation on PAR2 client.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : DC8F02EBA65C629D22D8E03A75D408EE
SHA-1 : CB12C7D3718FF6089EC9158A37C02E3C762F966F

MD5 : 575EABD402387429AA7010569E69A1B3
SHA-1 : 71FF94ABF92F5AC1345B9BC331C675614E1F5BFA

[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: Column width of file-list is adjustable and saved.
Bug fix: Even when all files are smaller than block size, it keeps the specified size.

PAR2 client update
Change: Recent CPU's L3 cache is considered in optimization.
Bug fix: A forgotten debug code at recoverying big files was removed.
Bug fix: C-Runtime will be initialized at starting each thread.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 8D147ADA5485E4D961CFD4311E902D76
SHA-1 : CAED31D76F4FDFA27369702E8A02AFE563480BA6

MD5 : E9674F0C1B98B220E501F4D47A5A4351
SHA-1 : F352D81D916E0D63FEE3662211B40EF0A8536B8A


[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: Chinese UI were updated.

Bug fix: A miss-setting of Auto-Repair while Monitoring was fixed.
Bug fix: A failure in erasing background of progress-bar was fixed.
Bug fix: A crash problem for over than 512 source files was fixed.

PAR2 client update
Change: SSE2 is shown in CPU info. (display only)

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 6D3506916E8D7C0C0C33799628D1EC3E
SHA-1 : 84E45B7594A8BA4824B6845FCE27A3C0C8981AD6

MD5 : B894FE6192990DED18A38185E5C2A7DD
SHA-1 : 49114CBB3443D1A341AF00FA8731A112BB8801C0


[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: French and German UI were updated.
Bug fix: A failure of auto-delete function was fixed.
New: An icon is put on right-click menu of shell extension.

Client update
Change: A method of checking CPU information was changed for 64-bit build.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : E75BCFF0FE0EF1B339F756D1848B188F
SHA-1 : 7ED25E3AE188C41E78B72074A4D21A5EB2698386

MD5 : DEA31C8B70A810090EA8387133DBADCE
SHA-1 : 0518F35A93AAD92B0EFD3B1E6EDBB57BDDE878DE


[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: Showing method of verification process was largely changed.
Change: Some forgotten old code in Recreate window were refined, too.
Change: Disable spin for "number of recovery file", when recovery blocks can't be create.
New: Confirmation dialog will pop-up for cancel or overwrite.

Client update
Change: File list is shown before verifying each file.
Change: PAR1 client saves verification result.
Change: Verification result of very small files isn't saved.
Change: It is possible to split each source file into max 99999 pieces.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : B3B0669EBCA63C33FB58B032EF2A99D6
SHA-1 : 9F3AA286D8A2D2A2B4C1AFD1527E68996AA3C91B

MD5 : C19A02227D3D4354B08C7890E5A29E15
SHA-1 : C9C1A74788BD6FA8140EA6E14A6F47B2A63FF636

changelog 1.2.6

[ Changes from to ]

Installer update
It is possible to select Spanish as installation language.

GUI update
Change: When text-box of "number of recovery files" is empty, initial value is set.
Change: The initial number of recovery files in "All the same size" won't exceed 10.
Change: When files aren't selected, redundancy percent reflects slider position.
Change: Max number of packet repetition became 6 times in option.
New: Spanish language UI is added.

PAR2 client update
Change: It is possible to set max number of recovery files for uniform PAR2 files.
Bug fix: A failure of setting position for too many packets was fixed.
Bug fix: An odd display in creating a PAR2 file without recovery blocks was fixed.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 6BF6E7327B7D92437954737B5B43B033
SHA-1 : C904D485B6CAFB9504307644292779DB51A1733C

MD5 : CA554E642CAD69CF75839E5BA61D4DA1
SHA-1 : B3830146FFCB8A96765520AF24C3CC77F90CF133


[ Changes from to ]

Installer update
Inno Setup was updated from v5.5.4 to v5.5.5.

GUI update
Change: The max number of recovery blocks for PAR2 was increased to 65535.
Change: When a text-box has wrong input, pushing Create is canceled, and focus will return.
Change: When text-box of "source block count" or "block size" is empty, initial value is set.

Bug fix: An odd bug of sticked slider when invalid filename was fixed.

PAR2 client update
Change: The max number of recovery slices was increased to 65535.

Bug fix: A rare risk of strange output in scanning files was fixed.
Bug fix: A mistake of showing 1/10 percent in matrix calculation was corrected.
Bug fix: A crash error in creating over than 100% redundancy PAR2 files was fixed.
Bug fix: A crash error in searching many misnamed files was fixed.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 4FB86CA97D82A04E5FFCA190638A9CD5
SHA-1 : 61E4DC4268A031394AD1D2DC45556AF5301A1B2D

MD5 : 868AD2C1016699B23811079CBAB575A1
SHA-1 : B4957B2AB7A31227BD3294067F2FE1595B67E32F


[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: Number of selected files is limited by block count at Creation.
Change: Gradations of color on progress-bar was removed in Classic Style.
Change: It is possible to ignore queue and start task immediately.

Client update
Bug fix: A freeze problem in selecting many big files for PAR2 creation was fixed.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 6BB744E4F52BCF2938A0D60F351E8188
SHA-1 : 5291FD9606B6D765EDC4FE651BFEE4B946ABA6F9

MD5 : 412F6BFB0C607DEAE148E4580DD04981
SHA-1 : 6BAD23D8BA9EFDA9AA3BF9C51EDC2D430066B045


[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: The order of files on file-list becomes similar to Windows Explorer.
Bug fix: A freeze problem in selecting many big files for PAR2 creation was fixed.

Client update
Change: Sorting filenames may be case-sensitive and distinguish sub-directory.
Bug fix: A rare risk of freeze in verifying damaged PAR2 files was removed.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : DA0E4577E80EC09A465FF637CA34C459
SHA-1 : DCD0BD532DAE5FA2B3D1B4EA2576C474591588B1

MD5 : EF10D13B7DEC4B30ECBF231DC43AB559
SHA-1 : B63B3D61A03455580832D3F76C4B32827E467A11


[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: When a filename of file-list is too long, the whole text is shown by Tool Tip.

Client update
Change: PAR2's starting recovery block number is limited by max block count.
Change: Method of shortening too long filename was changed to keep extension.

Bug fix: A mistake of checking filename with non-ASCII characters was fixed.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : A1DF69DDCA7556234F8AAD283277B4F6
SHA-1 : FEA002465A17DB3A27B9A9B5EC15EE8CE86F7168

MD5 : B001BB6EB08DBAF3107B29E3D9C47C8E
SHA-1 : CF9E9BDAF3B27EF75ED8F9547FD8C9840966DDD2


[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: Memory allocation unit was increased for many files at Creation.

Client update
Change: A way of saving verification result was slightly changed.
Change: SFV/MD5 client's output format was slightly changed.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : FB3432950A9F5428CD3E9B9C067709AC
SHA-1 : 399750506986BBA3F68F6DACBADF9E643416ED78

MD5 : B1BC9956ECFB0C8F6D9181940BA8D966
SHA-1 : D06C7582317B0A509B9F4F1EE5FFA3873BE03D8E


[ Changes from to ]

PAR2 client update
Change: Even when chacksum packets are not enough, it is possible to compare slices.

Bug fix: An application crush in verifying very small source file was fixed.
Bug fix: A failure of calculating progress percent for many blocks was fixed.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : F09E773F81FCA259ECA16D73E1BA4F20
SHA-1 : 0462328A3DFA98D3709F6CE6E6AE5F77ED445623

MD5 : 7154EA4DA084E678F701BF70C14BD59D
SHA-1 : 0E466B51D9245BFCBBC0861B766A10B71AED157A


[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: Common dialogs may accept language setting on Windows Vista or later.
Change: While searching data of a recovery set, base filename is shown.

Bug fix: A failure of reading the last progress % after Pause was fixed.

PAR2 client update
Change: PAR2 files without any valid packets are shown as Useless.
Change: Progress % becomes linear at seaching Main or File Description packets.
Change: Main packet is searched across all possible PAR files.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : BB6F80E070BF2F991227178232DA6DC8
SHA-1 : 516F39F7133B4A75F7E31E3FED19439F26845123

MD5 : ED5AC15C8F991C304F05AAEB275300C7
SHA-1 : C9AA1F2E87EC7047B639413A48F2A81EBB099FA8

[ Changes from to ]

GUI & client update
Change: Unit of percent in progress of each step becomes 0.1%.
Change: Supported minimum OS version becomes 5.1 (Windows XP) from this version.

PAR2 client update
Improvement: When treating big files, creation and recovery is faster than before.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 64F5ADDEBEA87313CFD4C73242759760
SHA-1 : 332FC15BD4409A764A7C0EAB2B75C16B3ECAE501

SHA-1 : A6B04D865B71AFCEFC70EBF7D78A99CDC7354AD6


changelog 1.2.5

[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: A user can end MultiPar by right-top [X] button, even when a client is busy.

PAR2 client update
Change: Filename extension longer than 4 characters is supported.
Change: If there are over than 32768 source blocks, recovery blocks are ignored.
Change: When disk cache is comparatively small, encoder may not use temporary files.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : CBB1F86A83CB811BF3BF0070377F3929
SHA-1 : 3552F4E9849135159597B63A8E41B5BF942EB6D5

MD5 : 3C243AE913F78CFCD09A6E152DB940A0
SHA-1 : C8A5933B974BE99DDD24D762B27BB57E9DA522DB


[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: Caption of Repair button is changed to Verify, when repair is impossible.
Change: Cancel and Extra shares a button on Verify window.

Client update
Bug fix: PAR2 client accepts user's pause/cancel while copying blocks at repair.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 524FC76D79082FD028B9B6EAA3A3BA9C
SHA-1 : B649A87262E4AB61B812F9EE71B0DFEB201F0C9D

MD5 : 41E18558457B080B916FEC402D55BCA4
SHA-1 : 332E5C6AAE20226BB06A46177C3A046C560A4D19

[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: When files are same size on file-list, they are sorted by filenames.
Change: Caption of Repair button is changed to Restore, when rename or rejoin only.
Change: Repair button is disabled, when repair is impossible after verification.


PAR2 client update
Change: 1-byte correction at each slice is limited upto 1MB block size.
Change: Exit code is extended to indicate which repair is possible.
Bug fix: A rare problem in finding slices of uniform or pattern data was fixed.
Improvement: Finding slices in damaged area become slightly efficient.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 791E246EB58CA40638CF16E5C2E31A97
SHA-1 : EBF999CE2F38EE50BC98BBE041B6AAA109C73962

MD5 : 9F61B460B0EE115969A68ACF57D529CB
SHA-1 : 2BDC7F3F84D4A605B72A93723DDE69B10A9E1118

[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: At creatiing PAR2 files, message of "Creating recovery blocks ..." was added.
Change: On Windows Vista or later, progress over task-bar is reset at Cancel.
Change: Backgroung color of file-list item header is changed by Theme setting.
Change: On Verify window, items of blocks and status are combined.
Change: On file-list, sorting by blocks or status are disabled.

Improvement: User can select terminating or cancel at closing Creating/Verify window.
Improvement: There are some string resource for number of Single and Multiple.

Client update
Change: When there is a damaged file in non-recovery set at PAR2, it says "Cannot repair".
Change: When rename is possible, but cannot repair others, it says "Try to repair".
Change: Period of re-use verification result was changed.

Bug fix: A freeze bug of parsing an odd filename with ":" in SFV/MD5 file was fixed.
Bug fix: Filename starting with ";" is refused for creation of SFV file.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : B567E6188B1158F98B636D430AB5D04D
SHA-1 : 7A55DA512DFA50C118E3563CC7F918A3FEBE2BE6

MD5 : 5449A02280CDB01EB263A0BB05AC2E90
SHA-1 : DFF163A4E1A955E5A4022B6788DBE3D9A6CF6C3A


[ Changes from to ]

  • PAR2 client update
    Change: Filename of wrong non-ASCII characters is searched, only when the file is missing.

    Bug fix: PAR2 client won't accept multiple entries for an external file.
    Bug fix: Area of complete blocks is excluded to search last blocks in a damaged file.

    Improvement: It is possible to use "*" or "?" in adding many external files.
    Improvement: Splited files with replaced numbering extension can be recognized.

    New: It is possible to find filename with prefix or suffix with "_".
    When filenames are changed samely, additional verification is enabled with the common part.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 745E92A709E061DA0BA7A83064E5BBCF
SHA-1 : 66014FAEDC8B04C13044354A6BF17249AEB96D7D

MD5 : 78213BE72EE5FFB44E8F6126713FC665
SHA-1 : A0188593C27DE4AA843A7656353D23AF22405E17


[ Changes from to ]

  • GUI update
    Change: Format of text over status-bar on Verify window was changed.
    Change: Each color of status-bar on Verify window has minimum width.

    Bug fix: A failure of updating progress-bar after pause and finish was fixed.
    Bug fix: A conflict of manual re-verification and queue feature was solved.

    Improvement: Waiting another task is shown as pausing, and it is possible to resume.
  • Client update
    Change: PAR2 client won't ignore very big splited files at verification.
    Bug fix: A fault in simple verification for wrongly joined files was fixed.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 141D8AB67A32D95C1C95E6721BC88D0D
SHA-1 : 98DD6B5F43BC0DA0091A17846E65FC8CEC5C7D1E

MD5 : AB7EF552C7C4D2BA659449ED7211D44A
SHA-1 : 6B2194F30722ADB64EB1D355CA34CE2D6DAF1BD2



changelog 1.2.4

[ Changes from to ]

  • GUI update
    Change: Drag & Drop a folder on empty file-list sets itself base-directory at Create window.
    Edit-box for directory accepts Drag & Drop of only one folder at a time.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 77589FC1BB17F632C9335CDBD9C0D4B7
SHA-1 : 44B6A0B92ED88B02029F91E0508D6261F24494B1

MD5 : A54F602A6443C3B2F420C56CF102837F
SHA-1 : E252F11970BBE91242834028F0A5B4D0C76D5F06


[ Changes from to ]

  • Installer update
    Update: Install / Uninstall / Clean-up is refused, while MultiPar is open.

  • GUI update
    Change: Most UI DLLs were updated.
    Bug fix: Continuous creation by queue is possible with very long/many filenames.
    Bug fix: Initial directory of open-dialog at creation keeps previous location.
    Improvement: Queue for creation and verification were combined, and waits each other.
    Improvement: When no file is selected at creation, adding a file can change base-directory.
    New: Verification waits for finish of another MultiPar's creation/verification.

  • Help update
    Update: Add lines to describe queue feature for multiple instances.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : A1B4F477F2D42FBDEAC10870749069DE
SHA-1 : 3A559BE776D5DE372B96C042B4EE66FCB71FEB5B

MD5 : 4C24EE225E59BAF63A6B15D6DEB2663D
SHA-1 : 5935A7E62551A19891C72A799AFF94173B57843D


[ Changes from to ]

  • GUI update
    Bug fix: A failure of Drag & Drop folders on Create window was fixed.
    Improvement: It is possible to reset base-directory, when adding a file at Create window was failed.
    When data size is 0 at Create window, the block size and count become 0, too.
    Format of Recovery data size on Creatw window is updated after changing option.

  • Client update
    Bug fix: An odd behavior about GetFileAttributesEx for directory was fixed.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 3CD8DA5ED57A2532375D526E33BA7C67
SHA-1 : 8EAD3912150703478C044DF5DFF25E8DDA8E15C8

MD5 : 88ACC80CC20E58E7F97D477249B3D708
SHA-1 : 5AB1B5F675D65FF713E991EA9044EF95BF89ED4D


[ Changes from to ]

  • GUI update
    Change: Remove a space in verifiation result text of Dutch UI.
    Change: Status text over bar after verification has shadow.
    Bug fix: Recreation is disabled, when there are non-empty files in non-recovery set.

  • Client update
    Change: Win32API to treat 4GB over file was changed to be simpler code.
MD5 : 8D1D7526F014DC99BBD4C5D22FC24E81
SHA-1 : 7215DC3CBC7563D31ADD04CAE68D2E0A0B5CB392

MD5 : 4C77A719D227A5D451AF003FF3792FC4
SHA-1 : 14191CA35226D573F42209E287415A8EA4CD782E


[ Changes from to ]

  • GUI update
    Improvement: Dialog for selecting folder becomes resizable on Windows XP or later.
    Improvement: GUI supports longer path than MAX_PATH, when Windows Explorer can treat it.

  • Client update
    Bug fix: PAR2 client can recognize a splited file with ".000" extension.
    Bug fix: Redundant path in command-line will be parsed properly.
    Bug fix: PAR2 client won't crush at Trial command, when all files are 0-length.
    Bug fix: Clients won't crush when [input file] is same as base-directory.
    Improvement: Damaged files with very long path is possible to go recycle bin.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 875A85896F3EF2C938B5CF2BD6BA5A9D
SHA-1 : 3D6A91498B1FA6528AA695D7F5F94609855B6EB3

MD5 : FCAF2FCFAC6013047A47FEA9457EEAC8
SHA-1 : DF84A9F77529B52C71F826301E9B0D255A85A56B

[ Changes from to ]

  • GUI update
    Change: GUI won't use Program Compatibility Assistant on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1.
    Improvement: Old verification result is deleted, only when Verify window isn't opened.

  • Client update
    Bug fix: PAR2 client's failure of checking hash of first 16KB was fixed.
    Improvement: Input path of short 8.3 format is converted to long path name.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : EAE16E7C3E4FBC15FCAAAFE5747172E4
SHA-1 : B56ED60EC035233C6E9E40B88B2DAB9EEB208078

MD5 : 4D3688A42159E54F2CA3DAD949BD13AD
SHA-1 : FBC0EAEC7D9920FC3D82C64ED52244E669E989DD


[ Changes from to ]

  • GUI update
    Change: Damaged recovery files can be added as data file for verification.
    Bug fix: A failure in setting the same Base directory at next creation was fixed.
    New: Creation waits for finish of another MultiPar's creation.
    New: Sample easy version UI (English) is available.
  • PAR2 client update
    Change: Hidden files are ignored by search for PAR2 creation.
    Change: Verification won't stop by file reading error.
    Change: Blocks of other files can be found from a damaged file.
    Change: Last small block of a file can be found, even if previous block is damaged.
    Change: Simple verification becomes faster to treat a widely damaged file.
    Change: Splited files of a complete file can be added for additional verification.
    Change: Same name folder with contents is not detected as misnamed empty folder.
    Change: Additional verification won't stop until finding all blocks.
    Change: It is possible to set additional & simple verification.
    Bug fix: Fault of saving verification result for missing checksum was fixed.
  • Improvement
    It is possible to find blocks, even when filename of source files are exchanged.
    Even if a file's checksum is lost, it is possible to search blocks of other files.
    It accepts wrong PAR2 file, which has multiple entries for a file.
    Logically same filenames (like case sensitive) will be renamed for Windows OS.
  • Other client update
    Change: SFV/MD5 checker removes BOM of UTF-8 encoded checksum file.
    Change: SFV/MD5 checker shows empty checksum file as damaged.

[ Hash value ]
SHA-1 : 2DB186D11176B39EF0A7F85EB29C33D1B5D5BB64

MD5 : 4E6F7026865968F29B55F3489D640990
SHA-1 : 7D99E11355C5DC45E15B9D027A5539720994BC5D


[ Changes from to ]

  • GUI update
    Change: Win7Taskbar.dll is removed, because Windows 7 SDK is used for development.
    Change: Associcating PAR1 file type is limited to four extensions (PAR, P01, P02, P03).
    Bug fix: When parsing is slow, GUI can stop reading output of a fast client.
  • Improvement
    "Elapsed time" becomes to increment more accurately.
  • Client update
    Change: Hidden files are ignored by search for SFV/MD5 creation.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : EAA620ED657EEF8D7766A407D0305C2E
SHA-1 : 748652AE84D503335134532E0619D2E82D594F45

MD5 : 1A70EAFFF2F700B0352DC266042B5F42
SHA-1 : 92BE145AB9B8FA79B0AA3B593A2B565AB8178882

changelog 1.2.3

[ Changes from to ]

  • GUI update
    Change: Hidden files are not selected by search of Browse button on Create window.
  • Client update
    Change: Hidden files are ignored by search for PAR1 creation.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 283540D44378D4638DF8C8F8656E8A7C
SHA-1 : B1CC4F089C89D3DD2C670A712C8327CAB7BFEE18

MD5 : 50F3F8E2105A0352FA0924280AB3C559
SHA-1 : 9EC4D2ABCF535D97E170DB46B7B7C1D2690AAD80

[ Changes from to ]

  • GUI update
    Change: MultiPar GUI's command-line was refined.
    "Fit to free space" tries to keep current number of recovery files.
  • Bug fix
    A failure in setting too large first recovery block number was fixed.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 48FFE120EF53A2BDA7BC3941B7B26EDC
SHA-1 : 4E301912B168169D93243076216A2774F2CDA69C

MD5 : 252648F066E1514A7D855BF7B60BEAC0
SHA-1 : CD6569FDB93579B5D27F272F8F125181D523C17B

[ Changes from to ]

  • GUI update
    Bug fix
    Keyboard shortcut in label caption is shown properly on Windows 7.
    Very long command-line (over than 16384) can be saved in log.
  • Improvement
    It is possible to add more files in Verification. (total length upto 32768.)
  • Client update
    Cache optimization will be disabled, when the CPU cache size is unknown.
  • Bug fix
    A fault in detecting CPU cache size of very old CPUs was fixed.
    A failure of stopping PAR2 verification when small files were added was fixed.
  • New
    PAR2 client can save partially reconstructed files at failed repair.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 00CEA6AD6254492650CB77A33B091AB3
SHA-1 : E076531C09A520A7E6A9571DEF8335BF1541EEE6

MD5 : 872D06CC16A897DC14E700E1A407268D
SHA-1 : A1D27418F9CA145AC6DC2657B999BC96179C8136

[ Changes from to ]

  • Installer update
    File deteting confirmation dialog is always in front of Uninstaller window.
    Wizard image becomes colorful.
  • GUI update
    Reset button on Option window won't change disabled item.
    Max length of some text were increased for language with long words.
    A line of donation on About window returned to before.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 3BC6EB8542F281BFB7F0E36C2EB1BB39
SHA-1 : 9C3EE39DCC2E140DA71470DD09B370E941E99EFF

MD5 : C540AE0774498D06B9D00C054F447FC2
SHA-1 : 0C156275198B2B6A2C3E429BCB0AF2EF620567FB

changelog 1.2.2

[ Changes from to ]

* Installer update
An option to launch MultiPar after installation was removed.
A shortcut in Start Menu to unsintall MultiPar was removed.
A user may keep setting (MultiPar.ini) at uninstall for future re-install.
It is possible to associate PAR2 file extension while install.

* GUI update
State bar after verification looks 3D on Windows 2000 / XP.
When creation is complete, progress on task-bar will disappear always.

Bug fix
A fault of creating two desktop icons (by installer and option) was fixed.

Verification result beyond reuse period will be deleted by GUI.
Shell Extension DLL may read .INI file for setting and language text.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 6D067CF206D733FAE44FCCA7C3F8CEE3
SHA-1 : D4ABF38602711C7A5EA4860ABE9D2ECCEE265E04

MD5 : 562E4F4EFCF9EFCF9E9FF898AE75B3C1
SHA-1 : AA45D34B87EE35C70B9C4A1D7E8911022946B9B7

[ Changes from to ]

* Installer update
Inno Setup was updated from v5.5.2 to v5.5.3.
Installation won't require Administrator privilege.
It is possible to select German as installation language.

* GUI update
Source files of unknown status are listed with question mark.
When creation/verification/repair is complete, progress on task-bar will disappear.

State bar after verification looks native on Windows Vista or later.

* Client update
Bug fix
A fault of ignoring the last block in a small shortened file was fixed.

Table setup for region multiply with SSSE3 becomes slightly faster.

PAR2 client may work partially, even when some vital packets are missing.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 3079CFE8490DF038745237F3F519D160
SHA-1 : 585ED4328BE9A1D424AED3C8EEFA7B1D4FD4EEF8

MD5 : 99562C289B6EC86560233D09F2035ACC
SHA-1 : 0F63ADC0D2C4494165B36978CD3984A124C74DD8

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
Remove a line of PayPal donation from About window.

GUI won't treat missing PAR2 packets as a fatal error.
"Failed" is shown, when the specified file isn't recognized as valid PAR file.

* Client update
Bug fix
A failure in error handling was fixed, when File Description packet is lost.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 548CF8D2663E211E92BE4387CA5D7609
SHA-1 : DE2FC3ECCE6C07433F1D49F8830AC0AD49677538

MD5 : 81CDC4DB562FA1FE64A55E58C2C29C6C
SHA-1 : 2D210634A734B679C08DCB8CEF63C923165990EC

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
Color of list index and status bar are changed a little.
Remove a word of PayPal from About window in English UI.
Priority of clients became higher by one rank, when low priority mode.

Bug fix
Bug in format of total file size on verify window was fixed.

German language UI (translated by Bernd) is added.

* Client update
Size of using stack memory by sub-thread was reduced.

Progress % at creating recovery files will move smoothly.
PAR2 client may become faster to treat large files.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 063943014A83DFE3ABC251C4702E86A2
SHA-1 : D62BD34050EEDF1585A4E8B6F88615D3E2E66C6F

MD5 : D8DF378D85B595A8BF40D9DA28AF8B03
SHA-1 : 72F9AEC8C3C15F5877C704E204440A324D5BA00E

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
Color of graph-bar after verification became bright to match recent OS.

Progress bar is colored by the state on Windows Vista or later.
Progress is shown in task-bar on Windows 7 or later.

* Client update
PAR2 client may run better on fast CPU with a little memory.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : C5B277FC64A1CE0E6277DE0C52962EB5
SHA-1 : A52B4C2C71AA631A735ED8BAD45E3B54D5B7EEA9

MD5 : 5EEE75C27FF1565A73D49689592D982E
SHA-1 : D05229964346D6A8C9E2B9A1AB8AB83AFB2089A2

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
Total data size is shown before verifying each source file.
kernel32.dll is not loaded newly to check 64-bit OS.
The method of loading UI dll was changed.

When Base Filename is set, ".something" is treated as unity in comparison.
Small PAR icon (16x16) looks better, when they are listed vertically.

* Client update
PAR clients support buffer size upto 2GB.
PAR2 client trys to read small files from system's disk cache.
PAR2 client shows details of CPU information.

When data size is large, RS calculation will be faster by strip mining optimization.
By calculating small table instantly, 16-bit GF table size became 512 KB smaller.
PAR2 client supports SSSE3 (on recent Intel CPU) in addition to MMX (on most CPU).

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : CCFA3A6D7B95B760CCB6054502FA7745
SHA-1 : 209AE4252EC343917B4424E48ADB1A924BFADB3B

MD5 : A3EE9AFB506BE19F15AFECBEC871505C
SHA-1 : 836249CE5851E3209B2254A0BFDF64175E588FB7

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
When Base Filename is set, comparison stops by two last "." instead of first ".".

* Client update
Splited files are saved in recovery files' path.

Bug fix
A failure of verification & repair for 4-byte block size was fixed.

Too large packets are treated as damaged without checking hash.
When sub-directory of creating PAR2 files doesn't exist, it will be made automatically.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 2AB17FFD0F9264CDF3664B54D8CE05C9
SHA-1 : B461BB20CCC893E401F3AB3E127E5E969F08E076

MD5 : A8AB6F4CDF1D470943DA7FFE60034301
SHA-1 : 4CB53F0AEF8206E90F7D7E8204B292674BAF62D2

changelog 1.2.1

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
HTML Help is used to open the MultiPar's Help instead of web browser.
Help of each page is shown by F1-key.
Format version of MultiPar.ini is saved for future update.
Right-click menu over file-list can be shown by Shift + F10-key.

[ Hash value ]
SHA-1 : 85BDA9E46F00FB973D3FA020FA542A8FDC0AD965

MD5 : D5A2F96610BA0BD35B004B7D79DF99CF
SHA-1 : 94C248EC02F1CDADEACC2D5955F7FDC91B68B933

Edit by badon: Added the files for downloading.

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI & Client update
Auto-adjust feature tries to avoid setting only 1 block in a PAR2 recovery set.
Method of allocating blocks becomes easier to understand.

* GUI update
Bug fix
A fault of showing redundancy and recoverable count for 1 block was fixed.

When PAR3 client doesn't exist, it is impossible to associate on Option window.
Accelerator key was added to "Redundancy" on Create window.
Even when there is no UI DLL for a language, it is possible to show Help for the language.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 7E05A378AF27B9FDA674C4469A37508E
SHA-1 : DC74BF04770B9760A4A6D06ECD87F71AE6DF8BC6

MD5 : F6152FAE8855D2EEDC38649526674BCD
SHA-1 : B6F22F10FEBF42A2F1A6138C1BCF15B8D2662146

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI & Client update
Max size of block size unit becomes 4,194,300-bytes.
The range of auto-adjusting block size becomes +-25% of supplied block size.

When supplied block size or count is invalid, the nearest value will be used.
The precision of calculating rate of block count divided by size becomes 0.01%.

* GUI update
Default block count in "Block allocating method" becomes 3000. (same as QuickPar)
Default split size on Create window becomes 15,000,000-bytes. (same as QuickPar)
List of default media size on Option window was updated for recent drives.

Bug fix
A failure of updating recovery blocks when removing all files and adding them again was fixed.
A failure of removing recovery blocks when there is only one source block was fixed.

When a text box of options is cleared, it will be filled by default value.
When a user inputs in "Media size" on Create window, drop-down-list will be hided.

* Client update
Range of possible values of options "-sr" and "-sm" becomes wider.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 9FD36D14D538FA11F7EACA4E34C60BD5
SHA-1 : D01DA35C7FA600B9191E060AD04FA6A5A05463BE

MD5 : 1E5B01E74DA07C17012F967E3C2F8A06
SHA-1 : C4812B0F9384500BF826DD1BD8DACAC72D937DFA

[ Changes from to ]

* Installer update
Inno Setup was updated from v5.4.3 to v5.5.2.

* GUI update
Bug fix
A failure of accepting invalid block count while restricted to multiples was fixed.

Height of Edit-Box controls became 14-points (same as Push-Button controls).
"Preferred block size" on Option window was changed to "Unit of block size".
The icon of sorting direction on file-list is varied by OS version.

Scale of slider-bar on Create window becomes easy to set small values.

* Client update
When supplied block size is too small, it is adjusted to be min value.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : D8EAFDEADB423009A6F6E738F2AA51E6
SHA-1 : 82BC79D31F1B8013B8F569D78B6A6837C0072754

MD5 : 5F7B1BC42C9CB33903A5453E442A34E8
SHA-1 : 96C5EAC654C1B425E439AB88547D6D049004546E

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
Bug fix
A failure of accepting files with sub-directory when creating PAR1 files was fixed.
An error of setting recovery blocks for free space was fixed.

"Sizing scheme" option on Create window was moved to lower row.

* Client update
When supplied block size is larger than file size, it is adjusted to be max value.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 7BD89F89C1C5D57DAFFFC9952F74DF82
SHA-1 : 7B2316025C3509E4D2A186C9ED43A6930F690502

MD5 : 5DCA97D907C5FA56A8CEF1B719FFAEC7
SHA-1 : 4033442AC6625BDE0C6BA2D49103E2756E1B995F

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
Bug fix
A failure of drawing non-ASCII characters of other languages on edit-box was fixed.

A check-box of "Disable MMX feature of CPU" on Option window was removed.
An edit-box of "Limit of Recovery blocks per file" on Create window was removed.
A check-box of "Restrict block size to multiples of preferred size" on Create window was removed.
A drop-down combo-box of "Format" on Create window was moved to Option window.
An edit-box of "Comment" on Create window was changed to push-button.

* Client update
Bug fix
A fault in verification of additional/external small source files was fixed.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : C8E781B3A695582F0DD9830897E698A7
SHA-1 : 5029D1E81D9CA46C690D97C09BBA62C7620542D2

MD5 : 5D47DAFA38372A1B6C8B82AC0E74B311
SHA-1 : 7BF93AB720A46CA2D9426F464710F40E46E247A9

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
When "Sizing scheme" is "All the same size" or "Variable size", changing redundancy will update number of recovery files.

* Client update
SFV/MD5 checker can read/write checksum data in a NTFS "alternate data stream".
It is possible to save time stamp in checksum file by SFV/MD5 checker.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : F4B68086043B6D668F5780D49CEE1B7A

MD5 : D8840DC9E0D16AB5FC63272BF14FD198
SHA-1 : FD5A0675026EEE7D1372CD3FF20E7E39D0964530

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
Bug fix
Crush problem was fixed, when initial block size and preferred block size are same.

* Client update
Bug fix
PAR2 client doesn't crush, even when verifying with wrong file hash in PAR2 file.
Crush problem was fixed, when -sm option value is same as initial block size.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : BB4BE29892964A99B9ACA6FB767FA635
SHA-1 : 2151B979C5EA21B7F6F088AE38B1835DC2F4B1F8

MD5 : F26AF05299D48D3F01DC0555EEF66087
SHA-1 : D7E9CE15954B15C3C89E95F62EF481A6DA9BDEDC

[ Changes from to ]

* Installer update
Even when a user copied par3j.exe from "tool" folder, it will be deleted at next over-write install.

* GUI update
When GUI cannot parse output of clients at all, it shows error message and saves the output in log.
When creating PAR2 files, initial block size may be calculated by considering efficiency.

* Client update
When creating PAR2 files, slice size will be adjusted for better efficiency.

PAR2 client may find miss-decoded filename with non-ASCII characters.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 907B186A1ECE8D29C4B1934F303C6E2E
SHA-1 : 48D18290EAF812500C4EA4E2F6A96B7A532ECAB4

MD5 : 14A8B27E932CD441AC5BEA50D4614CDC
SHA-1 : 7389C781F1F401E2CCEDF79E056DE31551DC27FC

changelog 1.2.0

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
Bug fix
When a client process was terminated by an unhandled exception, GUI shows a status of failed result.
If a file exists in file-list already on Verify window, the file cannot be added as a new external file.

A color of item index on file-list is made from a background color of dialog-box.
A status text of deleting recovery files was removed, because the progress is too fast to see.
When a specified recovery file don't have a standard extension, recovery files will not be deleted automatically after repair.
An useless recovery file like wrong set will not be deleted automatically after repair.

* Client update
Bug fix
It is possible to remove appended recovery data from a source file, even when there are other recovery files.

SFV/MD5 client supports MD5 file format of BSD/OpenSSL.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 1DC452F92895F6D09740EB6A4C069378
SHA-1 : 48B24659242F40A93F47DBDD49C591E841597F54

MD5 : 33E434680727864E09A457552B358CD7
SHA-1 : 45D6E23B3D188F1B2069F4B9F3FC8091BB755E69

[ Changes from to ]

* Installer update
Chinese and French are possible to select as installation language.

* GUI update
Bug fix
When a client happens to end while a user attempt to pause, GUI will resume and parse remaining output.
A wrong status text on block-rate-bar after verification which ignores misnamed/moved files was fixed.

Option window doesn't use a default title-bar text of Property-Sheet dialog.
RGB color of item index on file-list differs from background color by 16 or more.
When a client runs very fast, GUI doesn't wait 1 second at the first/last update.

* Client update
Bug fix
When creating recovery blocks by setting first block number, the total block count is checked properly.
A fault of accepting pause/cancel after terminated loop was fixed.

SFV/MD5 client supports one more MD5 file format, which may be common over UNIX.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 994D6B19038430ADFBCC8459AA044994
SHA-1 : A2F9B89026B727C2692C702A1261B074CF5CE913

MD5 : 9402A6CF7B5D661DE8F9CB652103E621
SHA-1 : 0D38D08A0B6500D7C4E87B832FD2DF1015E30E65

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
Some status text after verification is changed for easy distinction.
File-list on Verify window looks a little more obvious.
Small icons (16*16) were refined.
When a progress was ended by Cancel or Error, the result is shown on Title-bar.
The state of "Pause" and "Monitor" are shown at the right of "Elapsed time" obviously.

* Client update
Bug fix
A fault of accepting input files of same filename as the creating PAR files was fixed.

Because it is difficult to distinguish some incomplete status, they are shown as "Damaged".
When a PAR2 file does not contain valid packet of the Recovery Set, the file is shown as "Useless".
If SFV/MD5 checker gets IO Error while verifying a file, the file becomes "Damaged" status.
The existence of missing files are noted in exit code of SFV/MD5 checker.
At creating PAR files, the default extension is appended automatically, unless it exists.

If you don't set [input files] to create PAR2 files, the filename of <par file> without extension will be used as a single input file.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : C5D6CB21A7F8CF0FB91584D8EFE2A64D
SHA-1 : 7CE3B72D05BFFE13601754DCFBCA3ADFC245C27D

MD5 : E94320DB72C6C197DFB2892381B273DA
SHA-1 : 7FE0A1024CB0610140A781F2845458E48A6C3D0D

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
The size of recovery data is tested before actual creation at Extra (Re-create) window.

French language UI is added.

* Client update
Bug fix
A crush problem while verifying very small files (less than 16KB) is fixed.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 247216D239FD03580527A330FB4F196C
SHA-1 : ED3DD8C5D5199FA1C178D36B428F05224629CDA1

MD5 : 2BDDC9A23E8B74FBE8AEE2E78C996E51
SHA-1 : F7C030E8A22624722F266A7C448411A174FB31A7

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
Shell Extension DLL tries not to use file-list as possible as it can.
Shell Extension DLL contains Chinese text.

* Client update
Bug fix
At creation, supplied PAR filename is checked not to contain invalid characters.

It is possible to set partial filename with "*" or "?" for wildcard matching at verification.
In PAR2 client, verification speed for large broken files becomes faster.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 5DB13384ED6ADB400C255CA1F767E707
SHA-1 : 7B6B0D38BD72144F6236DA64105420CA6E9FBE35

MD5 : DD8B8C8AAAB7AE249266A3D261A2D1F1
SHA-1 : 602AE018EC35F092D9FC3DD6360BB60A70968D5C

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
Bug fix at Create window
A failure of updating changed text in Edit-Box before selecting Create/Preview/Fit button by short-cut key was fixed.

Bug fix at Verify window
A fault in updating file-list after joining splited files was fixed.
A failure of updating some numbers on file-list while verification was fixed.
A failure of showing property-dialog for an external file in different directory was fixed.

When a log file becomes too large, next output is saved in another log file. (MultiPar.#.log)
MultiPar.ini file is encoded by Unicode.

Improvement at Create window
When a user types an extension for PAR2 file like ".par2" in "Base Filename" box,
it is removed automatically in the edit-box, because the standard extension will be added later.
When a filename is too long at searching, the relative-path of the file is shown to a user.

Improvement at Verify window
Batch script after Verification/Repair gets Exit code as "%3" parameter.
It is possible to set a period of re-using results of previous verification.

Simplified Chinese language UI (translated by Donghui Li) is added.
It is possible to erase all log files by pushing a button on Option window.

New at Verify window
While scanning files at verification, each filenames are shown.

* Client update
Bug fix
A failure of sending a broken file to Recyle-Bin was fixed, when some data is appended to the file.
A fault in detecting blocks in a broken file was fixed.
A fault in sanitizing invalid filename was fixed.
A failure of detecting splited files with sub-directory was fixed.
A failure of showing wrong status as missing for a broken file was fixed.
A failure of using broken parity blocks for recovery in par3j.exe was fixed.

Result message and Exit code of each PAR clients becomes easier to understand.
Splited files with double numbering extension are not scaned twice.
A usability of re-using previous verification results is refined.

SFV/MD5 client supports re-use of previous verification results.
Repaired files will inherit some attributes of their broken files.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 2D6282A209A7A012F505A11C5A89999E
SHA-1 : 492947187FDCF8727105A639ACAF97005ECF8FA2

MD5 : CD0019668A4F1034D069E4CA64A72409
SHA-1 : 5DDE2E299809A46A54A64348BD47BC6C6999ADF6

changelog 1.1.9

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
An overflow bug in efficiency rate for very large source files was fixed.
Repair button on Verify window becomes enabled, only when files are incomplete.
When input focus is moved without pushing a button, border of default button is set properly.
On Option window, "(packet repetition) upto 1 time" becomes "(packet repetition is) not used".
Option window becomes a little higher.

* Client update
A bug which prevent to specify UNC path was fixed.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 21596F1896FC2CDB64FA33A407E9D855
SHA-1 : 7443818731A10EFA96A4D99CCF6816EB6B437C17

MD5 : 680796013DC20B70917E8C02D4040669
SHA-1 : 8FEF8A6B48B6340838CE17AAAF13EFADEAC4F2D3

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
On Create window, the value of specified redundancy is updated, even when source files are not selected yet.
When no recovery files will be created, Create button does not show Creating window.
Before creating recovery files, a drive's free space is checked.
Listed languages on Option window are sorted by Language ID order.
File splitting is disabled, when there is sub-directory or folder.
When a window size is larger than desktop's work area, maxmize button on the window's title bar becomes disabled.
Font name and size can be specified at Option window.

* Client update
Unicode version of Win32API is used by default.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 9DAFDA8D3ED5730F03B57413DC3108E4
SHA-1 : 9E63B2DBD848F9F40AFC9D023A8CE90E4706739C

MD5 : 85F684F172BE74DE26F4480207FC3EFE
SHA-1 : 24C2DDB1A23241672586E4915FF59C666CC61FE9

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
A bug which prevented to set "Memory usage = 87%" was fixed.
A bug which disabled Drag&Drop on Cretae window was fixed.
A bug which erased version number on About window was fixed.
A bug which hided error message in status area on Creating/Verify window was fixed.
A bug which prevented to delete results of verification, even if you set "Not used" was fixed.

Monitor feature will become inactive, when a user push Escape-key while monitoring.
Only when Shell Extension DLL's install path is same as the MultiPar GUI, the check-box on Option window becomes checked.
The length of comment field on Create window is limited to 127 characters.
GUI will delete file-list for many source files, only when the creation ends successfully.
When a PAR file is opened or F5-key is pushed, verification will be done newly, even if there is a previous result.
If "Repair automatically" on Option window is checked, repair will be started after verification only when there are enough blocks.
Auto-Repair is available for PAR1, and Monitor is available for PAR1 & SFV & MD5 files.
The minimum height of Create/Verify window become lower to enlarge file-list.

It is possible to open related folders at Option window.
Help button was replaced by Reset button at Option window.
Typing F1-key shows HTML help, when Option window is shown, too.
Batch processing is available after creation/verification/repair.
File-list on Verify window tries to keep previous position after re-verify/repair.

* Client update
The max length of comment becomes 127 in all clients.
SFV/MD5 client shows comment of first line.
PAR1 client shows comments at reapir.
For creation, PAR clients does not delete file-list for many source files, after it reads data from.
For creation, filename and path are checked more strictly.
For verification/repair, an invalid filename on Windows OS is sanitized automatically.
In output, UNIX style directory separator "/" is replaced to Windows style "\".
Clients can support very long path upto around 1000 characters. (GUI has 256 limit still.)
Skipping verification feature is disabled by default setting in PAR2/3 client.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 42154872E649F6544F27EA5339F17DD1
SHA-1 : E4C88A4A248D6DA8A6A54833B740B3DDEC8BFA1D

MD5 : C79BB8E5C3333E4E2DAF677B69F8B510
SHA-1 : 9DFB9E0E1F669683A925FB983F842D282CA06189

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
Numbers of available blocks in found splited files are not added into the original file.
Partially repaired files are sent to Recycle Bin by setting both "Delete damaged files after Repair" and "Send files to Recycle Bin".
Right-click menu over file-list is shown at non-English language GUI.
"Add Files" button/menu on Create window works correctly for multiple selected files.
Option window is newly constructed by property-sheet pages.
Monitor feature (re-verify again) becomes disabled, when a user canceled the current verification.
While the monitor feature is in active, status text is shown on right of "Time left".
Auto-Repair is enabled for Monitor or adding external files manually.
Graph of verification result has gradations and is shown properly on all Windows OS.

* Client update
Even when a damaged file exists, other splited or similar named files will be searched for more available blocks at detailed verification.
PAR3's partially repaired files are saved as "filename.incomplete.extension" at incomplete recovery.
"/br" option is added to send backup file into recycle bin.
Incomplete recovery becomes to work well with splited files.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 981C6E6F9C6C9FCF963E81761AADD9EC
SHA-1 : 2A46B702BF3F8D0C6F1CD2EC1F0859F136CFB336

MD5 : 3F1D5580A3E65DF83ED2844B724FA345
SHA-1 : 2C887D035B628E6E23DE111A02E10ABDE7F34CCE

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
Z-order of graph over progress bar on Verify window becomes right always.

* Client update
A client for SFV/MD5 files becomes to show progress % properly.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 07B556EEB9FDA7E3E0C11087A60BA9A7
SHA-1 : 3619F38438DB5F8742C6E1798064206735D6EF9E

MD5 : 28C139289C439D444FECD8E56BB5F375
SHA-1 : 9CCD5207DEA79A91F742276178C7078E196B3D86

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
Block rate graph on Verify window becomes label from white rect.
Shell Extension's registry entries are put under HKEY_CURRENT_USER instead of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
Integration setting on Option window affects only the current user.

* Client update
The pattern matching to search splited files was improved.
A SFV file format which covers filename by " is supported.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 20FB36D879BB9DB530FBBF8FAB7CD006
SHA-1 : C6D989B0EB4965D9D88236E4ACA5813625DF2EF5

MD5 : F861CFC07376F0591EAC5FB9F38B022B
SHA-1 : 7CA7D5F6B9ED3706059C335B013C83F161E78A7C

[ Changes from to ]

* GUI update
It is possible to pause/cancel verification of complete/repaired files.
A property dialog for multiple files is shown instead of showing some dialogs for each.
Working directory and comment are set in short-cut icon.
A bug which prevented to re-select sub-folder of current directory was fixed.
A problem of Preview/Create by pushing short-cut key which ignore change of items was fixed.
A bug which prevented to create PAR2 file for empty folder with space in path was fixed.
Option window 's checkboxes of Integration are set, only when they are associated with the GUI.
File type association will be updated immediately after closing Option window.
A registry entry to check Shell Extension is changed from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.
An option to delete damaged or splited files is added on Option window.
Recovery files will not be deleted, when source files are complete at first.

* Client update
Progress % is shown while verification of complete/repaired files.
The way of searching packets in damaged PAR files is improved a little.
Error message by Win32API uses default language instead of English.

* Tool update
PAR2 Rename tool uses "//" as filenames separator.

[ Test of installer package ]

Installer package (MultiPar1190_setup.exe) was made by Inno Setup 5.4.2. Because I don't know the setup method so much, there may be some problem. When you overwrite/uninstall MultiPar with Shell Extension, you would better to close Windows Explorer. If you find a problem or know better usage of Inno Setup, please let me know.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : DA9135BF142A28DD3A9F1BF8DA1D7D7D
SHA-1 : 4D88CA231F73BA8190B4E8F32A3A661C62E468F4

MD5 : D0033A69EE34A84F282D560371A65011
SHA-1 : A58F857E4680C4041C374AD4D3E2A3BBF3885391