I fixed two problem in this version. One is for a set of old CPU and GPU, and another is for verification with many external files. If you don't have very old PC nor don't use long file names, you would see no difference.

It's possible to avail GPU acceleration on a set of very old CPU (without SSSE3) and cheep GPU (without cache memory). But, the performance may not be enough fast, because such old hardware are slow. I simplified OpenCL code a little for most GPUs, and each Compute Unit uses 256 work items always. (Even when a GPU supports more work items, 256 seems to be recommened.) When using GPU acceleration is too heavy or isn't so fast on your PC, just disable it.

I didn't think that a user adds many external files at verification. Even though length of each filename can be max 1k, the total length of filenames was 32k. This was not enough, when someone add many files or directory path is very long. I changed the limit to be 1,048,575 characters at file selecting dialog. To send many filenames to par2j, it uses file-list. The mechanism is same as creating recovery files from many source files. This feature isn't tested so much yet, and I'm not sure new limit is enough. If there is a problem still, I will improve more.

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GUI update
Change: Total filename length of adding external files at verification was increased.

PAR2 client update
Improvement: OpenCL implementation is refined for a set of old CPU and GPU.
It accepts file-list to get many external files.

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SHA1: BA8672F7B3798DD9247181A9488CD3401BF70479

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Installer update
Overwrite installation will check version of EXE/DLL files.

GUI update
Change: Absent extra feature in a very old CPU is grayed out.
Improvement: When CHM file was blocked by Windows Explorer, it's unblocked before open.
New: Chinese Help documents is included.
New: Full text search is possible on Help documents.

PAR2 client update
Change: Number of threads is limited to number of physical cores on high-end CPUs.

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SHA1: 2275FFB97FA159C0281D7ED99123CA7E02C1D09C

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PAR2 client update
Change: Error number is shown at Win32API error.
Change: On 32-bit OS, VRAM usage is limited upto 768MB at GPU acceleration.
Change: For less than 512MB data, GPU won't be used.

Bug fix: Memory allocation failure on high-end GPU with large VRAM may be fixed.

Improvement: It skips reading of a file with system error at creation or verification.

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