This version has minor update only. Those who use a very old PC may see some check-box are grayed out on Option window. If someone has a high-end PC with many core CPU, MultiPar may become lighter somehow. Updating with Installer may become easier, but I'm not sure.

List of par2j's using threads is like below;
When a CPU has 2 physical cores, par2j uses 3 threads by default.
When a CPU has 3 physical cores, par2j uses 4 threads by default.
When a CPU has 4 physical cores, par2j uses 6 threads by default.
When a CPU has 6 physical cores, par2j uses 7 threads by default.
When a CPU has 8 physical cores, par2j uses 8 threads by default.
Maximum number of threads is 16 currently.

"CPU usage" slider on Option window means;
Right most = above default number.
Next from right = number of physical cores.
Middle = 3/4 of physical cores.
Next from left = 1/2 of physical cores.
Left most = 1/4 of physical cores.

A chinese user, Deng translated Help documents to Simplified Chinese. From his suggestion, I improved other language documents, too. Now they are slightly easier to read, though most users might not see, hehe. Thanks Deng for patient translation and some tests.

[ Changes from to ]

Installer update
Overwrite installation will check version of EXE/DLL files.

GUI update
Change: Absent extra feature in a very old CPU is grayed out.
Improvement: When CHM file was blocked by Windows Explorer, it's unblocked before open.
New: Chinese Help documents is included.
New: Full text search is possible on Help documents.

PAR2 client update
Change: Number of threads is limited to number of physical cores on high-end CPUs.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : A0469A740AFA1E114FE33FF460B4029E
SHA-1 : 32EAD4024FADE99BE3B392BDB571ECCE96C18130

MD5: 61118AE79D57D473459FBDC77F26A27F
SHA1: E7CA241C0A67F3C42ED48BB83E7475B7F0919825

[ Hash value of other source code packages ]

MD5: DDA91E81C81E212986BC1CC3CE3D1B44
SHA1: 3E7A35EE45E0F583CF9135694126C4293DB547CA

MD5: 6E96AAE5AF0CCB968CD465E076215D87
SHA1: B5428303D75D9D8BFECBEFB9F16BA626DD18FD2C

MD5: 9510F8F41CEF6EF74E059330551271B9
SHA1: 2275FFB97FA159C0281D7ED99123CA7E02C1D09C

[ Changes from to ]

PAR2 client update
Change: Error number is shown at Win32API error.
Change: On 32-bit OS, VRAM usage is limited upto 768MB at GPU acceleration.
Change: For less than 512MB data, GPU won't be used.
Bug fix: Memory allocation failure on high-end GPU with large VRAM may be fixed.
Improvement: It skips reading of a file with system error at creation or verification.

[ Hash value ]
MD5 : 3708BD194D7E80D63E82072DFA3AD345
SHA-1 : 9CF817737D98858F88F7A2D4597BF7A240EA17F6

MD5 : 1FF702138EFA730852D0C017F80E5948
SHA-1 : 1B4C2EBB2A46D108E04562BC0FF3FA8F1AF26926

[ Hash value of other source code packages ]

SHA1: FB62BC60BCFB16AA9AC411C2184FEDC6755185B5

[ Changes from to ]

update: Inno Setup was updated from v5.5.9 to v5.6.1.

PAR2 client update
Bug fix: Memory barrier was not enough for recent high-end CPUs.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : 0619D9CAFBC15BD69ED5F7B2FD7C2A9A
SHA-1 : B5B918F4AA77DE4A33F889C6834C29880322DA7D

MD5 : 909CA8B20195748B93787CC7D4DC959B
SHA-1 : 59E477753F92E066277A02B47DC57CCD3E2F3CC0

[ Hash value of other source code packages ]


MD5: 589EA4002AE731EC97ECC2466E638A73
SHA1: 7C8369958A0D6CA1A4ED9B2411CE573570EFB50A

[ Changes from to ]

GUI update
Change: The last year on About window is set by EXE file's date.
Change: Un-checking "Split Files" doesn't update size of recovery files.
Change: A user may return to Create window, when creation was failed.
Improvement: Checking "Split Files" set "Limit Size" for recovery files.

PAR2 client update
Change: Each sizing scheme limits size of recovery files.
New: It's possible to set number of recovered files at creation.

[ Hash value ]

MD5 : E12C9D9D34BFD500E6369B9BE8F91354
SHA-1 : 783ED1B37E26D29A778B4E3ACCCFF9E45BDB8B32

MD5 : 72B75A4706ED79E7D0D471505346AD8C
SHA-1 : 10ABEBE4539C1E7404357A15CD3B5C371955C5C3

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MD5: C8C984927111CBB72D0E328F95598167
SHA1: A7C2CB59DB85DBB5934D60B385D6B6CB27D5B5B8

MD5: 8B2CC596D2D56A7A49C324F9E5767812
SHA1: AB2B88E24B09E3FEE098160957A1659B5B903FB2

[ Hash value of other source code packages ]


MD5: 36A93A84E2ADED5850ECAACC6A2A8862
SHA1: CC3E323CF887BD4FA4C36F5F8C69A21C19ED1F0F

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