Failure, Fault or Mistake

Use this application at your own risk, because I might miss something. If you find something odd behavior, report the incident to me. Some examples like output-log, screen-shot, file name, file size, your PC spec, and detailes (when / where / what / how) are helpful to solve problems. Please contain them as possible as you can. Then, I will fix it at next version.

Security risk

You should treat PAR files in a same security level as their source files. When you have secret data on some files and encrypt them, you must create PAR files from their encrypted files. If you create PAR files from non-encrypted files, others may know how is the original secret data. Even when there is no enough redundancy to recover it completely, their PAR files may reveal useful information for a spy.

Parchive doesn't prevent an intended modification. Recovering with unknown PAR files is same as copying unknown files on your PC. The reliability of recovered files depends on their PAR files. PAR clients may modify original valid files into something invalid files, when PAR files were modified by a malicious cracker. For example, if someone created PAR files from his modified source files, the PAR files will damage your complete source files.

PAR 3.0 is not finished yet

PAR 3.0 in MultiPar is implemented only for personal testing purpose. Because I modify its algorithm and format sometimes while writing the proposal, current samples won't be compatible with future PAR 3.0 specifications. Don't send current PAR3 files to others, who may not have the same version.

Currently sample PAR3 isn't available, while the specification is being updated. For backward compatibility, I put old PAR3 client (par3j_old.exe) in "tool" folder. If you want to use old PAR3 files, rename it to par3j.exe and put in the parent folder.