MultiPar was made as an alternative to QuickPar. The GUI is similar to QuickPar by getting agreement from Peter Clements. While it looks like a multi-language version of QuickPar, there are some good features; Unicode characters, directory-tree, faster repairing, smaller recovery files, batch scripting, and so on.


MultiPar supports both PAR 1.0 and PAR 2.0 specifications. See the Parchive project for details of Parchive. MultiPar uses UTF-8 or UTF-16 to treat filenames with non-ASCII characters. While MultiPar and par2_tbb can treat sub-directory and UTF-8 filename, QuickPar and other PAR2 clients cannot treat them. Almost all PAR2 clients don't support UTF-16 filename and comment. Be careful to use those special features.

System requirement

MultiPar requires a PC with Windows 2000 or later (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc). Because MultiPar consists of 32-bit applications, users of 64-bit OS may need to do system setting for compatible mode.

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