A few reviews written by a couple of websites about MultiPar....


Website: (english)

MultiPar has been created as an alternative to QuickPar. It supports par, par2 and par3 files, and you can use it to create par files for data that you want to protect this way, or to repair data that was created earlier.

Verdict: If you come into contact with par files regularly, or want to add recovery options for backups or other data, then MultiPar may be a program that you want to use for that purpose.

The main advantage over QuickPar is that it is still actively developed, while QuickPar is not.


Website: (dutch)

To be able to get realistic benchmarks the biggest Dutch tech-website "" runs MultiPar as a benchmarktool to test new hardware.
Examples: testbenchmark-test or all tests.


Website: Binaries4All (Dutch)

The website wrote a good tutorial in Dutch about MultiPar.


Website: Wikipedia (english)

Multiple authors wrote about Parchive and MultiPar on Wikipedia.


Website: (english)

MultiPar is for data protection. It does file verification AND error detection, correction & recovery to protect your files and folders from deletion, copy errors, download errors, software errors, hardware errors, virus infection, malicious tampering, and all other forms of data corruption...