MultiPar consists of PAR clients and GUI to control them. Those PAR clients and GUI are written by Yutaka Sawada. While license of PAR clients are under GPL, GUI is normal freeware. Some article and older versions are downloadable from this website and archive. Contact with me by e-mail or web-forum, if you want source code of my PAR clients.


While MultiPar is available as freeware, I spent a lot of time and effort to develop. Your donation will encourage me to continue my efforts to improve and support MultiPar. I made a PayPal account, which e-mail address is "ten_fon (at mark)". If you have PayPal account, you can donate below;

Or... with Bitcoin!

Other contributions like testing new feature, bug report, advice of refine, etc... would be appreciated also.



My name is Yutaka Sawada.
Though e-mail address has been "ten_fon (at mark)", the mail service will end at March 2014. Now I'm testing other mails. Please send mail to my another mail address temporarily.
The e-mail address is "tenfon (at mark)".
The (at mark) is format to avoid junk mail, and replace it with @ for mail. While there are many foreign users, I get many spam mails from oversea nowadays.

You should write proper subject and body in your mail with plane English text. ZIP file attachment or HTML/RTF format may be rejected to avoid virus. If an e-mail is detected as junk mail or suspicious, I won't send reply. When you never get reply, you may change subject and body to avoid mistake, and send again from different mail address which is not on black-list. When you want to send important message or serious request, using PayPal will give high priority.