Creating window

When you push "Create" button on Create window

While you are creating recovery files, some information and the progress are shown. Only "About", "Pause", and "Cancel" buttons are enabled while creating. If the creation requires too long time, you can cancel the process. Because you cannot resume after cancel, you should use "Pause" feature, if you want to resume later. Though CPU usage becomes minimum while pausing, memory have been allocated still.

  • Area of status text
    When you see an error message, the error is saved in log file. Double-click here, then "save" folder will be opened.
  • Time left
    This is a required time to finish. You may need to wait longer than this time, because the calculation is rough.

  • New button
    If you want to create new recovery files, push this to open Create window.
  • Open button
    If you want to open an existing recovery file, push this to select which.
  • About button
    By pushing this, you can see version number on About window. You may launch this Help from there.
  • Pause and Resume buttons
    You may pause the process temporary by pushing "Pause" button. While pausing, you can resume the process at the point by pushing "Resume" button. You may push "Pause-key" to pause or resume, too.
  • Cancel and Exit buttons
    If you want to cancel the creation, push "Cancel" button. You may push "Escape-key" to cancel, too. After that, you can close MultiPar by pushing "Exit" button.
  • Verify button
    After you created successfully, you may verify source files with the just-created recovery files. By pushing this, Verify window will open with those files.‚Äč