Verify window

When you start MultiPar by selecting a recovery file, this window opens and verification is started. You see which files are damaged or lost, and you can repair them if there is enough recovery data. If you want to verify again newly, push "F5-key".

  • Base directory and Browse button
    This directory is the folder where source files exist. If source files exist in a different folder from where recovery files exist, all source files are treated as lost. Then, you must select the folder by clicking "Browse" button, Drag & Drop a folder, or double-click the path box.
  • Creator and Comment
    "Creator" is a name of PAR client which was used to create the selected recovery file. When a comment is saved in the file, it is shown, too. For PAR 1.0, comment is saved in index file (.PAR) only.

On the file-list, recovery files are put on upper side, and source files are put on lower side. Size, Number of blocks, and Status of each file are shown. Total size and number of total blocks are shown on index, too. Because the file size is an original size, you may see the current size on Property dialog by right-click menu.

After verification, the result like number of files on each status is shown. When source files are damaged or lost, you can know whether it is possible to repair or not. You may recognize the status easily by their color. [green file] indicates the file is complete. [yellow file] indicates the file is damaged or misnamed. [red file] indicates the file is missing. [yellow folder] indicates the folder exists. [red folder] indicates the folder is missing. If you added files manually (or automatically), those files are put at the bottom of the list with [while file].

  • Status indicator bar
    On the bar, each area represents the number of blocks by width; [green area] indicates available source blocks, [yellow area] indicates recoverable source blocks, [red area]indicates how many blocks are lacking. At a glance, you can understand how many blocks are lost, and you need how many blocks to repair.
  • Area of status text
    When you see an error message, the error is saved in log file. Double-click here, then "save" folder will be opened.
  • Time left
    This is a required time to finish. You may need to wait longer than this time, because the calculation is rough.

  • Add button
    By pushing this button or Drag&Drop files on list, you can add other files to be verified. If you want to add external files out of base directory or recovery file's directory, you need to add them by yourself. The list of those additional files will be reset by selecting a new recovery file or changing base directory. When you want to add all files under the base directory, you would better set "Verification level" to "Additional verification".
  • Pause and Resume buttons
    You may pause the process temporary by pushing "Pause" button. While pausing, you can resume the process at the point by pushing "Resume" button. You may push "Pause-key" to pause or resume, too.
  • Cancel button
    If you want to cancel the verification or repair, push "Cancel" button. You may push "Escape-key" to cancel, too.
  • Repair button
    You push this button to start repair. Even when there are not enough recovery blocks to repair all files completely, MultiPar tries to repair as possible as it can. When it can not repair anymore, it just do verify only.
  • Recreate button
    If you want to recreate recovery files against the same set of source files in the current recovery file, push this to open Recreate window. Caution, newly created files will over-write existing recovery files of same filename.

  • Open button
    If you want to open another recovery file to verify, push this to select which. If the selected file would not be recognized as a supported file, you should set proper file extension for the file type.
  • New button
    If you want to create new recovery files, push this to open Create window.
  • About button
    By pushing this, you can see version number on About window. You may launch this Help from there.
  • Options button
    If you want to change settings, push this, then Option window will appear.
  • Exit button
    You can close MultiPar by pushing this. Be careful, because there is no warning before exit.